Your Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously and we respect and protect the confidentiality of your clinical records.  Your privacy rights are protected by federal and state law, and your confidential information is designated as “protected health information.”  Intentional violation of federal or state privacy regulations by a program or individual is a crime which may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

For us to share your confidential information with other health care providers for the purpose of coordinating treatment services, we must have your general written consent.

For us to share your confidential information with other persons or entities for any other purpose, we must have your specific written authorization.

For a child under the age of 18 years, or for an adult who has been assigned a legal guardian, only the parent or legal guardian can give consent for the release of confidential information.

There are some specific exceptions to your privacy rights.  For instance, we are required to disclose information in the following situations:

•  We know or suspect child abuse or neglect
•  We know or suspect elderly abuse or neglect
•  We know or suspect that a person is a threat to self or others
•  We are required by a specific court order

In all cases in which we release or disclose confidential information, only the minimum information needed to comply with the request or mandate will be released, and only to the person(s) with the need to know. 

Click here for our Client Privacy Notice [pdf].